VIP Class Notes (Phil)

Today we focused on:

todays lesson focused on talking about social media and advertising


to gossip – to talk about a persons private life

I met my friends and we gossiped a lot

trending  – a topic/person who is being talked about a lot on social media

Jack ma is trending on twitter

to verify, verification – to check something is correct

I need to verify my ID to open an account online.

generation gap  – difference between people based on ideas.

user targeted ads – adverts targeted to different people

data protection – laws that protect peoples data from being sold or used

China needs stronger data protection laws.

near future – closer to the present day

distant future – far from present

to scam, a scam, scammer – a trick or a lie to get money online and offline.

Investments scams happen a lot in this country.

naive – a person who easily trusts someone

Old people are usually more naive than young people when using the internet.


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Choose a topic that lets you use the words we learned.

is it easier to understand the psychology of advertising in the digital era?

I think the answer is depends on the audience angle – For ad man, it would be harder.

Because in digital era, consumer routes are easier to track, and it will show variety of routes of course. ad man need to analysize all kinds of routes and find the background  of psychology.

But in the traditional era, the routes would be more direct – yes or not.

So in this perspective, I think the psychology of advertising in digital era would be harder