VIP Class Notes (Nick)


Tell me something you did this week or this weekend; try to use some new grammar that you have been studying.


Survey – encuesta

Radical – small parts in a Chinese character, like the difference between 依 and 衣 is the 人 radical

Teacher vs. Professor – teacher is usually from kindergarten through 12th grade, and professors are for college

Tear – to pull hard on something in two directions until it breaks
e.g. We don’t have scissors, so we’ll have to tear the paper (rasgar)
e.g. He tore his meniscus last winter (desgarrar)

Split – to cut something into pieces
e.g. My heart was split between Shanghai and Madrid.

to Clear / medical clearance – in medicine, when you are taken off of medical leave and allowed to go back to work
Leave of absence – to be allowed not to work or study for a medical reason

Doctor’s Authorization – parte de baja médica

Prescription – receta médica

Mientras – while, during

Asegurar – confirm, affirm

Assure vs. ensure vs. insure – to give someone reason not to worry, to make them feel calmer; to confirm that something is how you said, or that happens like it should; to buy insurance for something
e.g. I assure you that I will ensure that we will insure the boat.
Traducido: Te prometo (no te preocupes) que garantizo que vamos a comprar el seguro para el barco.


She didn’t learn nothing – she didn’t learn anything

Me pasó un librohe gave/sent me a book


Scissors – si – zers