VIP Class Notes (Nick)

Next Class Focus

Review the pronunciation of “th” and the word “arthritis.”


Write a story or a conversation using both the simple past (did, ate, etc.) and the present perfect (have).


Knock – to hit something and make a sharp sound; tocar la puerta
e.g. He knocked to get into the room.

Club – a place where they play loud music and people dance; disco
e.g. There’s a club called Zapata’s en Shanghai.
Disco – a style of music popular in the 1970’s.

Image result for disco ball

Live Show – show en vivo

Allergic Reaction – when you eat something or are near something that causes your eyes or nose to itch, or your breathing to become difficult
e.g. I didn’t know

Olive (Tree) – olivas / olivo

Voice Cracking – especially when a young man is growing up, and his voice suddenly goes high; de repente le sale un gallito
e.g. It was so embarrassing! When I was giving a presentation, my voice cracked in front of all my classmates!

Disability Leave – when you cannot work because of some injury
e.g. After I hurt my knee, I had to take disability leave until I had recovered.

Make vs. Do – make is about creating something; do is about activity, action


I don’t know what I’m allergic too / I’m allergic, but to what?

My son will have surgery one month – in one month
— “In” is about limits, so this means something like “before one month is over, he will have surgery”

Remember that something that relates to the present uses “have,” and something that is finished uses “did.”
e.g. How long have you been studying Chinese? (I still study this one)
e.g. How long did you study German? (I don’t study this one anymore)


Disease – deh – zeez

Cloud – clowd (like in “ow, I hurt myself”)

Three vs. Tree – “th” is putting your tongue between your teeth and either blowing air or using your voice; “t” and “r” combine and sort of sound like “chree”
e.g. Three (just air)
e.g. There (with voice)
e.g. Tree (like a “ch”)

Arthritis – arth – rye – tiss