VIP Class Notes (Nicholas)(S/R)

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Yesterday – William ___ at school /  was

Today William ____ at Smart English /  is

_____ William will be at school / tomorrow

Today is Thursday. Yesterday was Wednesday. Tomorrow will be Friday.

be = am / is / are 
be = was / were (past)

I will go to school – future – 将来时
I go to school – always / sometimes
I went to school – past – 过去时

When I have class
When having class

do – did (past) – will do
don’t – didn’t (past) – will not do / won’t do 



Tomorrow I will have a class and will eat lunch, and will finish school. On next Friday, I haved will have a class – and I don’t know! I feel very tired!


No More Apartment

Jerry has no job any more. He has a little money. But he does not have enough money for rent. He cannot pay his rent. He has to move out of his apartment. He will move out next week. He will move into his car. He will put all his clothes into his car. He will put his pillows and blankets into his car. He will sleep in his car. He will look for another job. After next week he will not be able to take a shower. He will have to use a public bathroom. He won’t be able to drive his car. He won’t have money for gas. Jerry needs help.


won’t 不会 / will not  /

e.g. William won’t go to school tomorrow. William will not go to school tomorrow.

e.g. Will you eat lunch today? I won’t. I will not!

e.g. He won’t have money. Why? Because he has no job!!!!!!!

clothes / 衣服

e.g. William has nice looking clothes! (hao kan)

house / 房子

e.g. William lives in a house.

e.g. You live in a house.

apartment / 公寓

e.g. Nicholas lives in an apartment.

move out / 出发 / 离开

e.g. If William cannot pay his parents money, he must move out of his home!

e.g. If you have no money, you must move out. Why? Because you cannot pay rent!

e.g. He will move out of (离开) his home and he will move into (进入) his car, and he will live in his car!

pay / 支付

e.g. If you want a computer, you must pay for the computer.

e.g. If you want to see a movie, you must pay for a ticket (piao).

e.g. If you want a cell phone (shouji), you must pay with money!

e.g. If I want to buy (mai) something , I must pay with money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rent / 房租

e.g. I rent my home.  If you rent your home, it is not your home. It is an apartment.

anymore 了

e.g. Yesterday I had a job. Today I do not have a job. So I do not have a job anymore. I did have one, now I don’t have one. So I don’t have one anymore.

job / 工作

e.g. William is a student (xue sheng) he does not have a job. He want to be a cook. He wants to be a cook. Nicholas is a teacher. He does have a job. He has a job. I have a job. Do you have job? No you do not have a job.

enough 足够

e.g. Mommy. I have no money. I need more money. This is not enough! I need more!

e.g. I want more food. I did not eat enough!

e.g. The boys and girls were very loud yesterday. They were loud! The teacher said “enough” you must stop!

e.g. The boy was very loud yesterday. He was loud!

self / me / myself / himself / herself / self = me

e.g. I can ride a bike by myself. No one helps me. I am by myself. I am alone (独自).

e.g. Can you ride a bike by yourself?

e.g. They can run by themselves. No one goes with them! They are by themselves.

e.g. Himself / herself

alone / 独自 / UHH-LOW-NUH

e.g. I feel so alone. I want my mommy!

feel / 德尔

e.g. I feel the warm sun on my face.

e.g. I feel the warm cup of coffee in my hand.

e.g. I feel sad today because it’s raining outside!

e.g. I feel hungry, I did not eat breakfast! I want to eat McDonalds (mai dong lao)!

e.g. What do you feel?


1 person = was

e.g. He was by himself!

more than 1 person  = were

e.g. They were together!