VIP Class Notes (Nicholas)(S)

Read/review your speaking exercise.


What was your favorite thing during your time in Spain?

Take care of my son because he didn’t move / I took care of my son because he couldn’t move.

he couldn’t move his leg / he had surgery on his knee for 6 weeks / during 6 weeks he couldn’t move / in the meniscus /playing soccer / but now he is better /

He was playing soccer and he tore his meniscus. He had surgery and couldn’t move for 6 weeks, but now he is better.

12th of April he starts / 4 months almost now he doesn’t work / He has not worked for 4 months now.

for long time we don’t have that relation / for a long time, we haven’t had that kind of relationship.

when he was 18 or 19 lived by himself / When he turned 18 or 19 he began living on his own.

only sometimes we are together when I go to Spain for vacation / We are only together sometimes when I go to Spain for vacation.

Put the subject of the sentence first!

so he left at age 18 / his liberty / because he want to party with his friend / So he left at age 18 because he wanted liberty – he wanted to be free, so he could party with his friends.

he take a shower, he cook, need to wake up everyday / all of the sounds – it’s very easy to listen / I wake up at 1 AM / He would come home very late and take a shower, he would cook, and my husband and I needed to wake up early everyday for work – we could hear all of the sounds he was making / I would wake up at 1 AM because of him!

Now you are back in China! Are you happy to be back….what do you like more about China, and what do you like more about Spain?

I am happy to return to China / I was happy to return to China

because here is my husband and with he I am happy/ because my husband is here and when I’m with him, I am happy

Shanghai is very comfortable, it’s very easy to live here / GOOD

Shanghai has some things that not very good like the sun in summer and the cold in winter / There are a few things about China that I don’t like, for example: the hot summers and the cold winters.

Sometimes raining everyday / Sometimes it rains everyday

Sometimes the weather is good, but the pollution is very bad / GOOD

For me I try to enjoy the place where I live / GOOD

For example if you live here you try to live here with everything. If you don’t like go home / For example, if you choose to live here, you should try to live here completely. If you don’t like it here, go home!

For example, for me, when I go for sidewalk the motorcycles go BINNNG, I want to cut (makes me angry) / For example, for me, when I walk on the sidewalk the motorcycles are honking their horns — it makes me so angry!

I need to accustom to live here / I need to get accustomed to living here / I need to get used to living here.

They have too many motorcycles – I think it is more crazy crazier in Columbia.

They said sometimes the same things or they think – same – the weather – the people – the food, but only sometimes the we forgot and start again / When I talk with my friends we always say the same things over and over again…we talk about the weather, the people, the food, but sometimes we forget and just say it again.

What are your plans this summer? Do you want to travel?

Yes I want / Yes I want to travel!

We would like to go to New Zealand, but in August it is winter there,  I don’t know if this time is good time or not for enjoying that place

I want to go to Australia but — we need decide because the (flights) are getting more expensive. I think now the tickets are more cheap cheaper than after we are done

I study study more and more improve and no improve / I study more and more, but I do not improve!

I went to Beijing, Xi’an, Guiling / GOOD

I think I like SH because it’s bigger, it has more space – and you feel more free


completely / Completamente / like” finished”

e.g. You should try and live in this city completely.

e.g. Elena completed her homework. She did it completely.

injured / lesionado

e.g. My son injured his knee very badly. It required surgery (Cirugía).

loud / alto / fuerte / LOWD

e.g. My son was very loud when he returned home after a big party!

I think = “I feel like”

e.g. I think Spain is a great country.

e.g. I feel like Spain is a great country.

rules / reglas

e.g. You must follow the rules of the game!


again / NOT A-GAIN / UH-GEN

dat / that