VIP Class Notes (Nicholas)(R/W/S)


Write a story about driving a car in Shanghai! Do you like riding in a car or do you like riding in the metro? Or maybe you like walking! Or maybe you like riding a bike! Tell me what is your favorite!


A Fast Driver

Brian has a fast car. He drives his car fast. He never gets a ticket. His car is too fast for the police. They chase him, but they can’t catch him. Brian always escapes from the police. The police want to catch him. But their cars are too slow. Brian’s car is very fast. He likes to drive over 100 mph. When he sees the police, he waves to the police. The police turn on their sirens. They turn on their red lights. They chase after Brian. Brian speeds up. He passes all the other cars on the road. He escapes from the police.


A trip to space

A spaceship took me to the space in 2019. I was so happy when I flew to the space. There was no air here. I saw many stars in space. I saw the sun in space. I saw the Moon in space. I saw the Earth in space. I saw the planets in space. I saw aliens in space. What an amazing trip it was! It was an amazing trip!

Use “THE” when it’s only ONE

“WAS” should not come last in the sentence!






other / 其他

e.g I want these ones. I don’t want the other ones. Is that William? No, William is the other boy! Not that boy!

I / my computer / wo de

We / our / wo men de

You / your watch / ni de

He / his book / ta de

She / her book / ta de

They / their / ta men de

escapes / 逃脱

e.g. I chased William but he escaped! He got away! I couldn’t catch him! Why can’t I catch William? Because he runs very fast.

turn on / 打开

e.g. William turned on the TV. He wants to watch see cartoons.

e.g. I see a tree. I watch a movie. I see an apple. I watch a TV show (电视节目).

chase / 追逐

e.g. I chase my friend at school!

never / 从来 没有

e.g. I never eat bananas! I never eat onions!

always / 总是

e.g I always brush my teeth. William always play plays with his friends.

to think / thinking / 认为

e.g. What were you thinking!?

remember / 记得

e.g. Do you remember what day of the week it is?

What’s up / How are you?

e.g. Hey William! What’s up? Nothing! What’s up with you? Oh nothing much – I am just teaching William today.

ride / rode / 骑

e.g. I ride my bike everyday.

e.g. I rode my bike yesterday!

Well, why are you tired?

I am tired because I rode my bike for 20 minutes.


Do you have a bicycle?

Yes, I have a bicycle. It’s a yellow bike. I ride the bike in my garden. I ride my bike after school!

Who – What – Where – When – Why / Answer these questions and make your sentence longer!

Do you like school?

No! I don’t like go going to school. I don’t like going to school because the food is very yucky — it’s not delicious!

Teacher Nicholas: “I remember when I was in Grade 1. I liked Grade 1. I wanted to be the best student! And I remember thinking….Oh my god – I have to do homework for many years!”