VIP Class Notes (Nicholas) [W]

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Write for me a short story about your wedding day. Tell me about it. Who was there? Where was the wedding? How did you feel on this day? Did you spend a lot of money on your wedding?


anxious / ANG-SH-ISS

acquaintance / UH-KWANE-TINS


why you don’t / why didn’t you

e.g. Why you don’t do your homework? Why didn’t you do your homework?

the furniture is a bit ugly, but I like where is / the furniture is ugly, but the location is convenient

I not very sad / I am not very sad

miss a lot / I usually don’t miss him lot

she think… / she thinks…

but she don’t love herself / but she doesn’t love herself

I don’t need to jealous / I don’t need to be jealous

It’s a bad situation because the man do other things that he doesn’t like / may do other things that she doesn’t like

where’d he take it / where did he take it from / how did he get this / where did he find this


track down / to find

e.g. Could this man help her track down her missing ring?

acquaintance / friend / Conocido / formal name for a friend, also it means this person is not a very close friend

e.g. I wouldn’t call her a friend, she’s more of an acquaintance.

Millionaire / Millonario / a person with one million dollars

$100K = $100,000

$17K = 17,000 USD

tacky / Hortera / poor taste, not appropriate

e.g. Her clothes were expensive, but the style was very tacky.

realized / Realizar / darse cuenta

e.g. I realized she was crazy. I didn’t know it for many years, but then, one day, finally, I realized — “oh, you’re crazy.”

“sure of yourself” / confident 

couple / pareja

e.g. A husband and a wife together makes one couple. They are two people, but one couple.

apart / “not together”

e.g. When you and your husband are apart, does this make you sad? Or do you not care? Does he care?

e.g. When we are apart…I

location = “where is”

e.g. Send me your location. = Send me “where you is”.

“Long story short…” / This means….the story is very long, but I don’t want to tell you a long story because that is boring, so I will make my story short.

e.g. I want to tell you what happened at the doctor today…long story short, I’m sick.

e.g. Long story short + “here’s the end of the story”.

Mortgage / Hipoteca

e.g. I don’t own my home yet because I have a mortgage.


Elena’s Original

What animal would I like to have with?
I like pets, but care them is too much responsibility, sometimes it’s like to care a baby.
I would like to have a puppy. They are very affectionate and they let themselves be loved.
Actually The ones I like the most are puppies and kittens. It’s very easy for me love them.
But If one day I decide to have one, will be when I have a house with big courtyard.
I like to see them enjoying the live, and not to enclose in a small room.
I don’t like having to take them out twice a day and less if it’s winter.


Pets? Which animal would I like to have? I like pets, but taking care of them is too much responsibility — sometimes it’s like caring for a baby.

I would like to have a puppy. They are very affectionate and loving.

Actually the ones I like most are puppies and kittens. It’s very easy for me to love them — they are very “lovable”. 

But if one day I decide to have a petit will likely be when I have a house with a big courtyard.

I want to see them enjoy their life. I don’t want to see them enclosed in a small room.

I don’t like having to take them out twice a day — especially if it’s winter.


R&B singer Jacquees gave his mom a gift that most newlyweds dream about when he presented her with $100,000 in cash during her wedding over the weekend. But not everybody agrees that it was a sweet moment between the mother and son. Instead, some are saying that Jacquees’s public display of the exorbitant amount of cash was “tacky and dangerous.”

Reposting a video from On a Roll Digital of the 24-year-old dumping stacks of cash out of a duffel bag and onto the dance floor, radio station WHUR 96.3 posed the question: “Was his delivery tacky or should people get out of their feelings and let this man show his appreciation for his mother any way he sees fit?”

Woman reunited with wedding ring after accidentally flushing it down the toilet 9 years ago

Stanton called public works and was informed by Gogol he had a found a ring, but he wasn’t sure it was hers. After all, he found it in the mud, near a utility hole, nearly a decade after it had gone missing. However, Gogol was able to see that the couple’s initials were engraved on the interior of the band. He was convinced it belonged to her.