VIP Class Notes (Nicholas)

Next Class Focus

This class we focused on comparing two things…”what’s the difference between two things” and “if two things are comparable”…


any person can choose anyone they like / I think people can choose to be with whomever they want

it doesn’t matter how is their live / it doesn’t matter how people choose to live

the most important … is how they feel together / the most imporant thing is how they feel when they are together

if it’s real what they feel together … / if it’s true love than that’s all that is important.

e.g. If you choose someone just because other people like them, but maybe you don’t like them yourself — then you will not be happy.

I like because should have the same opportunity for everyone / I think all people should have the same opportunities / [In my opinion] all people should have the same opportunities…

I told to my son / I told my son

you know who is the bad and who is the good / you know the difference between right and wrong 

and you decide how you do and how you will be / and how you live is your choice

if he know the difference which is good and bad he can decide about which girlfriend he can choose, which girlfriend is in his life, good or not. / if he knows the difference between right and wrong , he will know how to choose the right girlfriend.

he likes word in restaurant / he likes working in restaurants

too heavy, very tired work / the work is very tiring

another people / another person

Choice vs. Choose

e.g. I wore white clothes today, this was my choice. NOUN, THING, a choice, the choice

e.g. Today I will choose to wear white clothes. VERB, ACTION, DOING

“the difference between” = looking at two things…and what is the difference between them?

e.g. I am looking at Elena and I am looking at Nicholas….what’s the difference between them?


dishonest / deshonesto

community center / centro comunitario

e.g. I went to a community center and painted.

Comparable / when talking about two things…how do they compare to each other? Are they the same?

e.g. “When you look at my painting and Van Gogh’s painting…do you think they are comparable?”

e.g. Some women in Shanghai buy fake purses, but they say, if you hold the real thing next to the fake thing they look comparable.

i born with my grandma / i was born with my grandma

i took my aunt and uncle were my siblings / i was raised by my grandma

when I have 10 years old /  when i was 10 years old

Siblings / Hermanos