VIP Class Notes (Nicholas)



promotion / promote their employees

compensation – pay  – salary
One way companies reward their employees is through compensation / through their salary / through promotions


For Part 2, address each part of the question in your response.

Don’t search for a vocabulary word for too long – just think of a simple expression

a lot of beautiful dresses

she has good taste in clothing
she has great taste in fashion

she eats health things

those people that really think different
that person / this person

she is a successful person / he is a successful person

from newspaper or magazines
from newspapers or magazines

he’s thoughts are very creative – pronunciation
his thoughts are very creative

continue doing a things in firm belief
continue doing a thing in firm belief
to persist in firm belief

believe yourself in the deep
believe in yourself deeply

I’m living in an apartment
I live in an apartment

sleeping room – [bedroom]

should be less pressure
should have less pressure

I think it have both sides
I think it has two sides
I think there are two sides 

not the process – focus on the [outcome / winning or losing] 

are born to like competition
competition is natural for people
it is human nature for people to like competition

and the most good one can have a prize
and the best one can be given a prize
and the best one could be awarded a prize

so school give them prize
so schools can give them a prize
so schools can give them prizes

should do something
how do they reward employees

Be careful of two verbs in one sentence

sometimes we are traveling together
sometimes we travel together
we spend time together
I like to spend time with them
I like spending time with them

I like spend time with my friend
I like to spend time with my friends
I like spending time with my friend
I just think spend time with my friends
I just think spending time with my friends is good
I just like spending time with my friends

Think silently 

his music style is variable

When first time I see him on the TV show
The first time I saw him on a TV show
When I first saw him on a TV show


he’s / his / he is

he’s music / his music