VIP Class Notes (Nicholas)


Write anything regarding our discussion today: women in the workforce, “leaning in”, work-life balance.



e.g. Michelle Obama spoke with great candor.

tend to tag people – tend to label people

identity politics – the constant need to identify yourself the individual as part of a broader group

maybe you will get the same thing – maybe you will achieve the same thing

ideologues – a person with a strict ideology / fanatic / radical

equality of outcome – the outcomes are the same

equality of opportunity – we get the same chance at having a good outcome but it’s up to us

the difference between the genders – the disparity between the genders

tablua rasa – blank slate

normalizing – to make normal

“I want to start out with this…”

“I’m not saying that…”

“Why does this matter…”

“I wish I could say…”

being a woman and all those thing are correlated  – but what is the causation?

intellectual dark web


clear – care

extent – accent


I don’t believe these things is that controversial in this society / are that controversial

I believe there is saying / there is a saying

the more you will show you are not confident of yourself / with yourself / in yourself

when the lobster lose a battle