VIP Class Notes (Nemo)[W]


Write a story about your cat, what she likes to eat, do…How much do you love her?


Mr Bean grabs the mirror from the car at night his mother gives him a toy car for his Christmas present. Then he remembers the car’s mirror, so he wants to put the mirror on his toy car but the car is too small so makes big car! He drives it downhill his neighbor is getting married then he hits the people and photo is ugly. Now he wants to take cake to put it back but the cat eat all the cake, it pushes the plates and Mr Bean catches it. The old woman comes she sees Mr Bean and gets angry

Mr Bean grabbed a mirror from the car. At night his mother gave him a toy car for his Christmas present. Then he remembered the car‘s mirror, so he wanted to put the mirror on his toy car but the car was too small so made a big car! He drove the car downhill, at the same time his neighbor was getting married and the wedding guests wanted to take a photo. Mr Bean then he hits the people and the photo was ugly but luckily no one was hurt. Now he wanted to put the cake to put it back on the plate when he entered the room he saw that the cat ate the entire cake, suddenly the cat pushed the plates and Mr Bean caught it. At that moment the old woman entered the room and she saw Mr Bean and got angry because she thought that he ate the cake.


exclamation mark !-
the symbol ! written immediately after an exclamation

comma (n):the symbol( , )used in writing to separate parts of a sentence showing a slight pause, or to separate the single things in a list
E.g.: We usually put a comma after thousands in numbers.
E.g.: Should I put a comma before the ‘and’?

wedding guests-婚礼客人

entire (adj):whole or complete, with nothing missing
E.g.: Between them they ate an entire cake.
E.g.: He’d spent the entire journey asleep.

enter (v):to come or go into a particular place
E.g.: The police entered (the building) through/by the side door.
E.g.: Knock before you enter.