VIP Class Notes (Nemo)[S]


red wine-红酒

dinner-晚餐,the main meal of the day, usually the meal you eat in the evening but sometimes, in Britain, the meal eaten in the middle of the day正餐(通常指晚餐,在英国有时指午餐)
E.g.: We were just having (our) dinner.
E.g.: We had some friends over for dinner on Saturday.

hangover (n): 1-宿醉(过量喝酒后第二天的头痛以及恶心反应) the headache and sick feeling that you have the day after drinking too much alcohol
E.g.: She woke up with a terrible hangover.她醒来时宿醉反应很厉害。

Originally I’m from Jiangsu province-原来我是江苏人

very important-非常重要

I have many cousins/relatives in Shanghai-我在上海有很多表兄弟/亲戚

I would like to make a reservation/预订 for 4 at 9pm


I work Monday to Friday. When I finished my work I call my friends to eat dinner. When we finish dinner we will go to a bar or a club. We have a drink and dance. Sometimes we finish the club we went to sing we needen’t sleep

I work Monday to Friday. Usually after I finished my work I call my friends to have a  dinner. After we finish dinner we would usually go to a bar or a club. There We have couple of drinks and we dance. Sometimes after we  leave  the club we go  to sing/KTV ,we don’t need to sleep