VIP Class Notes (Nemo)[S]


On Labor Day my father have friends and they will go to mountain and we go to mountain too, it is like this, my mother tell me, mzzzzzzzz
On Labor Day we are Shanghai to  Shaoxing and there have Fuzhishan and there is very humid. But we are happy, We pick some fruit and to have a picnic on the mountain. There have egg milk , bread, strawberry, banana, watermelon. At noon we are hot and my father is tirewd he want to sleep, we go down to the mountain but I’m excited and I feel perfect

My mother told  me that On Labor Day my father‘s have friends  and they will go to a mountain and we’ll go to  the mountain too, my mother told  me. On Labor Day we are going from Shanghai to  Shaoxing and near Shaoxing  there is Fuzhi Mountain and there is very humid, but it doesn’t matter we are happy to go there, We will pick some fruit and we’ll have a picnic on the mountain. For the picnic we’ll have some eggs,  milk , bread, strawberries , bananas, watermelon.  At noon it will get too hot and my father will be tired he’ll want to sleep


it doesn’t matter-没关系

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose.-你是赢是输都无所谓。

LaborDay-a public holiday to celebrate working people劳动节
E.g.: 1 May is Labour Day in a lot of countries.5月1日是许多国家的劳动节。

camp (n):a place where people stay in tents or other temporary structures
E.g.: We pitched/set up camp (= put up our tents) by the lakeside.

driver’s license-驾驶执照
E.g.: Can I see your driver’s license please, sir?

relative (n):亲戚 1-a member of your family Your relatives are the members of your family.
E.g.: Most of my relatives are living  in Shaoxing.

cousin (n): 1-a child of a person’s aunt or uncle, or, more generally, a distant (= not close) relation
E.g.: Joe has nine cousins – five girls and four boys.

humid (adj)-潮湿的, an atmosphere or climate that is very damp/wet, and usually very hot.
E.g.: Shanghai is very hot and humid in the summer.
E.g.: a hot and humid climate

brag(v): 1-to speak too proudly about what you have done or what you own
E.g.: She’s always bragging about how much money she earns.

arrogant (adj): 1-Someone who is arrogant behaves in a proud, unpleasant way towards other people because they believe that they are more important than others.

E.g.: He is an arrogant man.他是个傲慢的人。