VIP Class Notes (Nemo)[S]


one day Mb was showering and he was playing with a boat Titanic. Then he go outside to see a movie, he see a movie called Titanic. But there is many people is stop their car because of that MB can’t stop his car. But when he stopped the car may people is so angry because he close the street and then go inside to see the movie, but movie this time is the end so he was very angry

one day Mb was taking a bath and he was playing with a boat, Titanic. Then he went outside to see a movie, he saw that there’s a movie called Titanic being played in the cinema. But many people parked their cars and because of that MB couldn’t park his car. But when he stopped the car many people were so angry because he closed off the street and then he went inside the cinema to watch the movie, but movie by this time was over and he was very angry


take a bath洗个澡

take a shower洗澡

park (v): to put a vehicle in a place where it can stay for a period of time, usually while you leave it
E.g.: Where have you parked?
E.g.: Just park your car in the driveway.

parking (n): leaving a vehicle in a particular place for a period of time
E.g.: a parking place/space
E.g.: He was fined for illegal parking.
E.g.: Parking fines are given for parking offences/violations.
E.g.: a parking lot

traffic cone (n): a cone-shaped object that is usually red and white or yellow, used to keep vehicles away from an area of road temporarily, usually because repairs are being done to it
E.g.: One lane of the road was closed off by traffic cones.

popular (adj): liked, enjoyed, or supported by many people
E.g.: She’s the most popular teacher in school.
E.g.: That song was popular with people from my father’s generation.

burp (v): to allow air from the stomach to come out through the mouth in a noisy way
E.g.: Joe burped many times