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object -a noun or noun phrase that is affected by the action of a verb or that follows a preposition
E.g.: In the sentence “I like ice cream”, “ice cream” is the object of the verb “like”.
在句子 I like ice cream 中,ice cream 是动词 like 的宾语。

subject-the person or thing that performs the action of a verb, or is joined to a description by a verb
E.g.: “Bob” is the subject of the sentence “Bob threw the ball.”
Bob 是句子 Bob threw the ball 的主语。

pronoun-a word that is used instead of a noun or a noun phrase
E.g.: Pronouns are often used to refer to a noun that has already been mentioned.
E.g.: “She”, “it”, and “who” are all examples of pronouns.
she,it 和 who 都是代词。

subject pronoun-主语代名词   /I, you, he , she, it/ We You They

object pronoun-宾语代词 Me, you him, her, it /Us, You, Them

Mark is watching TV
subject verb object

I will give the phone to Mark

Mark(S) will give the phone to me (object)


accounting (n):会计核算

accountant-会计 a person doing accounting

accountant/accounting manager


business trip allowance

allowance (n):津贴;补贴;补助
an amount of money that is given to sb regularly or for a particular purpose
E.g.: an allowance of $20 a day
E.g.: a clothing/living/travel allowance
服装 / 生活 / 交通补贴

I need to use English on a daily basis

Pay taxes交税

Consultation fee-咨询费
Designers charge us a consultation fee/ We pay them on a monthly/weekly basis.

once a week/once per week/ twice a week/ three times per week


Yesterday I met  our accounting, we did our accounting like some reimbursement  some payable. For reimbursement we do weekly for some office fee. Actually she comes our office once one week, also we need to pay taxes so she need to some payment for office rent and accountant fee and some project consultation fee for designers.

Yesterday I met  our accountant, we did checked our accounting report like some reimbursements  some payments. For reimbursement we do weekly reports/payments for some of the office fees. Actually she comes to our office once per/a week, also we need to pay taxes so she needs to organize some payments- for office rent and accountant‘s fee and some project consultation fees for designers.


quotation – /kwoʊˈteɪ.ʃən