VIP Class Notes (Nemo)[R/S]


midterm examination-期中考试

fool (v): to trick someone
E.g.: Don’t be fooled by his appearance.
E.g.: She said she was doing it to help me, but I wasn’t fooled.

cry (v): (SHOUT)to call out loudly
E.g.: “Watch out!” she cried.
E.g.: ‘He’s here!’ she cried excitedly.
E.g.: We heard him cry that the ships were in sight.

club (n) (WEAPON)
a heavy stick used as a weapon

axe (n): a tool that has a heavy iron or steel blade at the end of a long wooden handle, used for cutting wood
E.g.: Julian used an axe to chop down the old apple tree.

sleeve (n): the part of a piece of clothing that covers some or all of the arm
E.g.: short/long sleeves
E.g.: The sleeves are too long for me.

flock (n): a group of sheep, goats, or birds
E.g.: a flock of sheep/goats/geese
E.g.: The shepherd is bringing his flock down from the hills.

deceive (v): to persuade someone that something false is the truth, or to keep the truth hidden from someone for your own advantage
E.g.: The company deceived customers by selling old computers as new ones.
E.g.: The sound of the door closing deceived me into thinking they had gone out.


The Boy Who Cried Wolf
A boy named John was once taking care of some sheep not far from a
forest. Nearby was a village, and he was told to call for help if there was
any danger.
One day, he thought he would have some fun, and he cried out with all his
might, “The wolf is coming! The wolf is coming!” The men came running
with clubs and axes to save the boy from the wolf. As they saw nothing,
they went home again and left John laughing in his sleeve.
The day before he had had so much fun, John cried out again the next day,
“The wolf! The wolf!” The men came again. This time not as many as the
first time. Again they saw no trace of the wolf, so they shook their heads(他们摇摇头)
and went back.
On the third day, the wolf really came . John cried again, “Help!
Help! The wolf! The wolf!” Not a single man came to help him. The wolf
broke into the flock and attacked the sheep. Among them was a beautiful
lamb that belonged to John. Then he felt very sorry that he had deceived
his friends and neighbors, and he grieved over the loss of his pet lamb.
The truth itself is not believed from one who often has deceived


1. Why does the boy shout, “The wolf is coming” the first time?
He cried the wolf is coming the first time because he thought it would
be funny.
2. Why will no one help the boy when the wolf actually comes?
No one would help the boy when the wolf comes because they
thought he was lying  them again.
3. What do you think the boy learned by the end of the story?
The boy learned that people do not believe him if he keeps fooling
4. What do the people’s actions tell you about how they feel about
People believe wolves are dangerous.