VIP Class Notes (Nemo)


wart (n): 1-a small, hard lump (= a raised area) that grows on the skin, often on the face and hands


opportunism (n): 1-behavior in which you use every situation to try to get power or an advantage机会主义
E.g.: political opportunism

opportunist (n): 1-someone who tries to get power or an advantage in every situation机会主义者,投机取巧者
E.g.: He was portrayed as a ruthless opportunist who exploited the publicity at every opportunity.

quack (n): 1-a person who dishonestly pretends to have medical skills or knowledge冒牌医生,江湖医生,庸医

acupuncture (n): 1-a treatment for pain or illness in which thin needles are positioned just under the surface of the skin at special points around the body针刺疗法
E.g.: Acupuncture originated in China.