VIP Class Notes (Nemo)


prose (n)散文;白话文;散文体
Prose is ordinary written language, in contrast to poetry.
E.g.: Shute’s prose is stark and chillingly unsentimental…


troupe (n): 1-a group of performers such as singers or dancers who work and travel together:
E.g.: She joined a dance troupe and travelled all over the world.
E.g.: A troupe of dancers from Beijing is one of the leading attractions in the festival.

feature (v):to include someone or something as an important part:
E.g.: The movie features James Dean as a disaffected teenager.

scalper (n): 1-a person who sells tickets at increased prices without official permission:
E.g.: We tried to get tickets, but the scalpers wanted $150 per ticket.

curator (n): 1-(博物馆或美术馆的)馆长,负责人
A curator is someone who is in charge of the objects or works of art in a museum or art gallery.
E.g.: Peter Forey is curator of fossil fishes at the Natural History Museum.

Methuselah 玛士撒拉式的老人;老寿星
used to describe a very old person
E.g.: I’m feeling older than Methuselah.我觉得自己老态龙钟。

as old as Methuselah-used to say that someone is very old