VIP Class Notes (Nemo)[S]


nightmare (n) a very upsetting or frightening dream
E.g.: a terrifying nightmare
E.g.: I shouldn’t have watched that movie – it’ll give me nightmares.

Boxing Hall. 拳击馆

parking lot (n): an outside area of ground where you can leave a car for a period of time
E.g.: I left my car in the mall parking lot.

trailer (n): a wheeled vehicle for living or traveling in, especially for holidays, that contains beds and cooking equipment and can be pulled by a car

trailer park-拖车停车场

E.g.: He was a heavyweight boxer before he became an actor.

wrestling (n): a sport in which two people fight and try to throw each other to the ground

wrestler (n): a person who wrestles as a sport

wrestle (v): to fight with someone (especially as a sport) by holding them and trying to throw them to the ground
E.g.: He has wrestled professionally for five years.

glove (n): a piece of clothing that is worn on the hand and wrist for warmth or protection, with separate parts for each finger
E.g.: leather/woolen/rubber gloves
E.g.: a pair of gloves

E.g.: There are two entrances – one at the front and one around the back.


One day Mb and his grandma go to the boxing hall and his grandma to watch the wrestling match. MB didn’t the parking car on the parking and  MB to parking trailer park but is wrestler’s trailer parking, and the grandma’s glove is on MB’s car, so MB went to find GM and give her gloves. And MB walk to the hall to find grandma, but is wrestler’s entrance he has to fight, but MB won and MB’s GM and her friend to fight too. And MB’s GM and her friend is winner too, and MB likes wrestling.

One day Mb and his grandma went to a wrestling hall his grandma wanted  to see a wrestling match. MB didn’t park his car on the parking lot but he went to the trailer park and he parked his cars there and he parked in front of a wrestler’s trailer. Grandma’s glove was on the back seat of MB’s car, so MB went to find GM and give her gloves. MB walked to the hall to find grandma, but he took wrestler’s entrance so he had to fight, at the end MB won and MB’s GM and her friend wanted to fight too.MB’s GM and her friend were  the winners too, now MB likes wrestling.