VIP Class Notes (Nemo)


one day pirate was in boat he fish because he want to eat fish, he don’t have meat. He catch one little fish, he eat fish he’s hungry. He catch small fish, he want big fish .because pirate is very very bad police officer is  catch pirate go bring bad boy police station. The shark  want to eat pirate, pirate is very scary, the police officer pull him up from water. and then shark is go out. the pirate goes to the officer station.

one day a pirate was in his boat fishing because he wanted to eat fish, he didn’t have any meat at home. He caught one little fish, he ate the fish but he was still hungry. He caught another small fish, but he wanted to catch a big fish .Near because the pirate is very very bad police officer wants to  catch the pirate and take the bad boy to the police station. The shark  wanted to eat the pirate, the pirate was very scared, the police officer pull him out from water. and then shark is went away. the pirate went to the officer station.


拉他起来-Pull him up./out of the water

scary (adj):scarier, scariest
(informal) 恐怖的;吓人的
It was a really scary moment.
a scary movie

scared (adj)害怕;恐惧;畏惧;担心
frightened of sth or afraid that sth bad might happen
She is scared of going out alone.
He’s scared of heights.

(especially in the past) a person on a ship who attacks other ships at sea in order to steal from them
a pirate ship 海盗船


I’m going TO a park
he’s taking him TO the police station
I travel TO school BY car

This is my first visit TO Taibei