VIP Class Notes (Nemo)


plastic surgery-整形外科

morning sickness (n): the feeling of wanting to vomit experienced by some women during the first months of pregnancy

sick (adj): feeling ill as if you are going to vomit
E.g.: Lucy felt sick the morning after the party.
E.g.: If you eat any more of that cake, you’ll make yourself sick.

vomit (v)to empty the contents of the stomach through the mouth
E.g.: He came home drunk and vomited all over the kitchen floor.

vomit (n)the contents of your stomach that have come up through your mouth:
E.g.: There was a pile of vomit on the floor.
E.g.: The smell of vomit made me want to be sick.

puke (v): to vomit:
E.g.: The baby puked all down my shirt.
E.g.: She puked her dinner up again.
puke (n)
E.g.: The floor was covered with puke.

throw (sth) up (v): to vomit
E.g.: I spent all night throwing up.
E.g.: He threw up his breakfast all over the back seat of the car.

slack off (v): to work less hard or to be less than is usual or necessary:
E.g.: Workers tend to slack off on Mondays and Fridays.
E.g.: Companies just want to make sure their employees aren’t slacking off.

miscarriage (n):an early, unintentional end to a pregnancy when the baby is born too early and dies because it has not developed enough
E.g.: The amniocentesis test carries a significant risk of miscarriage.
E.g.: I had two miscarriages before I gave birth to my daughter.

dual citizenship-双重国籍
E.g.: My son and my daughter also have dual citizenship.