VIP Class Notes (Nemo)

Good Bye Lenin!


The flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong was delayed, so she missed her connecting flight. 

layover (n):a short stay in a place that you make while you are on a longer journey to somewhere else
E.g.: We had a four-hour layover in Chicago.
E.g.: My daughter was supposed to have a 2h layover in Rome, but because her flight was delayed she’ll have only 30 min layover in Rome.

internship (n):a period of time during which someone works for a company or organization in order to get experience of a particular type of work实习期
E.g.: Jane has a summer internship at a local TV station.

a conflict of interest-a situation in which someone cannot make a fair decision because they will be affected by the result
E.g.: I need to declare a conflict of interest here – one of the candidates for the job is a friend of mine.

his jaw swelled after he received two dental implants
he got two stitches

swelling (n):a part of your body that has become bigger because of illness or injury
E.g.: Put your foot into cold water to help the swelling go down.

swell (v):to become larger and rounder than usual; to (cause to) increase in size or amount
E.g.: It was obvious she had broken her toe, because it immediately started to swell (up).

swollen (adj): larger than usual肿大的;膨胀的;大于正常的
E.g.: a bruised, swollen face