VIP Class Notes (Nemo)


express service-特快服务


exorbitant (adj):Exorbitant prices, demands, etc. are much too large.

The bill for dinner was exorbitant.


Last night I ate the broccoli for dinner

bloated (adj):swollen and rounded because of containing too much air, liquid, or food:
E.g.: a bloated stomach
E.g.: a bloated (= uncomfortably full) feeling

swollen (adj):larger than usual:
E.g.: a bruised, swollen face
E.g.: She was looking very upset, with her eyes red and swollen.

keep up appearances
​to pretend to be happier, less poor, etc. than you really are, because you do not want people to know how bad your situation is:
E.g.: They were very unhappily married but kept up appearances for the sake of their children.

have I told for to you that…..

we know each other for have a long time

I’ll try to connect them-我会试着把他们联系起来
I’ll try to connect with them-我会试着和他们联系