VIP Class Notes (Nemo)


fire exit-安全出口

evacuation route-疏散路线

Half Life of medication
The half-life of a drug is the time taken for the plasma concentration of a drug to reduce to half its original value. Half life is used to estimate how long it takes for a drug to be removed from your body.



prostate (n):an organ near the penis in male mammals that produces a liquid that mixes with and carries sperm前列腺
He has prostate trouble.
prostate cancer

order (v):to ask for something to be made, supplied, or delivered, especially in a restaurant or shop(尤指在饭店或商店)点(饭菜),订购,订制,订货
E.g.: I ordered some pasta and a mixed salad.
E.g.: There are no shirts left in this size but we could order one for you/order you one.
E.g.: This morning I ordered some fruit for my flatmate

I want to live on my own

I will move into a new apartment in two months/I will move IN two months

I will BE dead(adj) one day
I will die (V) one day

nitroglycerin [ˌnaɪtrəʊ’ɡlɪsərɪn]