VIP Class Notes (Nemo)


he pays a lot of the attention to his physical appearance


junk food (n):food that is unhealthy but is quick and easy to eat


teaspoon (n): tsp/a small spoon used to stir (= mix) tea or coffee in a cup
tablespoon (n):tbsp/(the amount held by) a large spoon used for measuring or serving food:

three tablespoons of sugar

sparkling (adj):A sparkling drink is one that contains many small bubbles of gas.
Champagne is a sparkling wine.
sparkling water

still (adj):A still drink is one that is not fizzy (= with bubbles)
Would you like still or sparkling water?

no comment-used to say that you do not want to answer someone’s question
E.g.: Lily, when are you going to get married? No comment!

narcissist (n):someone who has too much admiration for himself or herself

sweet, sweeter,sweetest

in my opinion -在我看来