VIP Class Notes (Nemo)


stunning (adj ): extremely beautiful or attractive/ for places and people and things
E.g.: a stunning dress
E.g.: Both daughters are absolutely stunning.
E.g.: She looked stunning in that red dress.
E.g.: The view from our room is stunning.


object-a noun or noun phrase that is affected by the action of a verb or that follows a preposition
E.g.: In the sentence “I like ice cream”, “ice cream” is the object of the verb “like”.
在句子 I like ice cream 中,ice cream 是动词 like 的宾语。

direct object-直接对象

indirect object-间接对象  between direct and indirect object we will put TO

He sent some flowers (DO) to his mother(IO).
S      V                                        O                              

subject (n):the person or thing that performs the action of a verb, or is joined to a description by a verb
E.g.: “Bob” is the subject of the sentence “Bob threw the ball.”
Bob 是句子 Bob threw the ball 的主语。
E.g.: ‘Clare’ is the subject of the sentence ‘Clare drank all the milk’.
‘He’ is the subject of the sentence ‘He lost his job’./ In the sentence ‘He lost his job’, ‘He’ is the subject.

predicate -in grammar, the part of a sentence that contains the verb and gives information about the subject谓语
E.g.: In the sentence “We went to the airport”, “went to the airport” is the predicate.
在 We went to the airport 这句话中,went to the airport 是谓语。

written exam-笔试

oral exam-口试