VIP Class Notes (Nemo)


turn/switch on …AC, TV….

nondisclosure (n) LAW the fact of not making something known:
The court had to balance the interest to be served by non-disclosure against the interest served by disclosure.
The appeal will focus on the non-disclosure of evidence.

nondisclosure agreement-保密协定

whim (n): a sudden wish or idea, especially one that cannot be reasonably explained
We booked the trip on a whim.

Healthy Work Environment. A healthy work environment can be defined as a work setting that takes a strategic and comprehensive approach to providing the physical, cultural, psychological and work conditions that maximize the health and wellbeing of providers, improves the quality of care and optimizes organizational performance.

dawn on sb
If a fact dawns on you, you understand it after a period of not understanding it.
I was about to pay for the shopping when it suddenly dawned on me that I’d left my wallet at home.

Reality Hit Me In The Face.