VIP Class Notes (Nemo)


take the initiative
​to be the first one to do something, esp. to solve a problem:
E.g.: Don’t be afraid to take the initiative and say what you think.

catfishing-the practice of pretending on social media to be someone different, in order to trick or attract another person:
E.g.: Catfishing is the phenomenon of people fabricating online identities, often to trick others into romantic relationships.
E.g.: Yesterday I got catfished

roofied-When someone spikes your drink with a drug without your knowledge.

spike (v)(MAKE STRONGER)to make a drink stronger by adding alcohol, or to add flavor or interest to something:
E..g: She claimed that someone had spiked her drink with whisky.
E..g: The pasta was served in a cream sauce spiked with black pepper.

newbie (n): 1-someone who has just started doing an activity, a job, etc.:
E.g.: The guide helps newbies understand the latest social networking sites and apps.

rookie (n): 1-a person who is new to an organization or an activity:
E.g.: These rookie cops don’t know anything yet.