VIP Class Notes (Mark) [S]


distract – to take attention away from something

eg – Trump uses things like border disputes in the South China Sea to possibly distract from issues in his own country.

blind faith – believing something without really understanding it

eg- Many Trump supporters have blind faith in what Trump says are facts.


metabolism – [ME TAB O LIZ IM]

vietnam – [VEE ET NOM]

Speaking exercise

From the perspective of the Chinese, I think America is rude, and not rational. But I think the China Chinese army does not have have enough power to say no. “American army you should go out leave!” And now in the South China Sea there is the American army that is showing shows their muscle. I don’t know what the China Chinese government will do next. We also have our navy in the S China sea to show our power. Maybe next week or next month there will be a small battle. But the China Chinese army cannot shoot first. Both China and America are big country countries that have nuclear weapons. It’s very dangerous. About next action I think all these countries cannot control what happens next. China always wants to liberate Taiwan, but I think America will not allow China to do so. Recently, America also sell sold some high technology weapons to Taiwan…some anti-aircraft missile, to enhance Taiwan’s power. If there is no American involvement, I think Vietnam and Ph cannot say no.


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