VIP Class Notes (Li)[W]


Write about your recent travel experiences. Make sure to use the correct tenses.


temperate: having temperatures that are not too hot or too cold

hot climate: warm temperatures

condiment: something that is added to food (eg. ketchup, mustard)

vaccine: an injection that protects you against a disease

pros = advantages 

cons = disadvantages 

isolate: put or keep someone or something in a place or situation away from others

eg. Certain patients must be isolated in a separate ward.

confrontation: a situation in which people, groups, etc., fight, oppose, or challenge each other in an angry way

eg. There were several violent confrontations between rival gangs.

eg. He would rather not have a confrontation with the police.

sewing machine: 缝纫机

one week later/in one week 


not that like it – don’t really like it

I always speak English to teachers – I always spoke English to my teachers

so I back to SH – so I come back to SH 

I’ve been to there twice already – I’ve been there twice already 

I swam really good – I swam really well 

when I come out of water – when I got out of the pool 

noodle food – noodle dishes 

the city has a lot of noises – the city is very noisy

contention – pollution 

injection – vaccine 

when they travel to environment people speak different language – when they travel to places where people speak a different language/to a foreign language environment  

I had several arguments with the staff – I had several confrontations with the staff

earsdrop – eavesdrop 


culture – cal-ture

bund – like bun -d


I have lived in Shanghai since I was born.
I have had milk tea twice in this week.

I have had milk tea twice this week 
I have visited Singapore several times.
I have just finished my makeup.
I have watched ‘Why Woman Kill’.

I just arrived at school.