VIP Class Notes (Li)[W]


beef: 牛肉

Where’s the restaurant/house/school? – ….在哪里?

How do I go to ….road/street? – 咋么去….

next to: 旁边

eg. The bank is next to the school.

across from/opposite: 对面

eg. It’s across from the park.

eg. The post office is opposite the park.

between A and B: 在…跟…之间

eg. It’s between the bank and the library.

around the corner from: …的转角

eg. It’s around the corner from the cinema.

cinema/movie theatre: 电影院

kindergarten: 幼儿园

school: 学校

university:  大学

post office: 邮局

hospital: 医院

gas station: 加油站

fire station: 消防局

airport: 机场

clinic: 诊所

barbershop: 传统理发店

hair salon: 理发店



and – ….跟…. (both)

eg. sugar AND milk

or – ….或…. (only 1)

eg. sugar OR milk


A;  Hi! How can I help you?/Can I help you? 

B: I would like a slice of bread, a cup of coffee and a bottle of water.

A: Sure, no problem. Do you want to heat the bread? Would you like sugar or milk with your coffee?

B: Yes, I want the bread heated up but I don’t need sugar or milk with my coffee. 

A: OK. Do you need anything else? 

B: No. Thanks.

A: Have a nice day.

B: You too!