VIP Class Notes (Li)[S/W]


humid: 潮湿的,湿润的

eg. The air is extremely humid.

private (hospital): not owned by the government

old people/the elderly

medical facilities: equipment and supplies at the hospital

quality of doctors and medical facilities are better

regular sickness – common illnesses like the cold, headache and so on

if it’s more severe/serious

when you were discharged

discharge: when you leave the hospital

eg. She was discharged from the hospital 4 days after the surgery.

eg. Patients usually get discharged quickly if there aren’t any severe problems.

premature (birth): to give birth early

eg. The baby was born six weeks premature.

eg. Stress can result in giving birth to a premature baby.


the alarm will go off/sound/ring

volunteers: people that help out for free

eg. Many volunteers apply to participate in environmental projects every year.

law: the rules/legal system

number of times every number of days/weeks/months/once every three months/3 times every week

multiple-entry visa – allows you to enter a country many times

liable: having legal responsibility for someone or something 承担责任的

eg. The law holds parents liable if a child does not attend school.

eg. Doctors are afraid of being liable if patients die due to a medical mishap.


-ly adverb


for stay 1 to 2 months – to stay for 1 to 2 months

Speaking exercise

Now is better than before, before I went hospital and I talk to doctor, some people will get in. Most of people always only trust famous doctors. Shanghai medical is high level so so many other cities patient to see doctors. My friend he works in Huashan hospital and the United States stopped the communication with the Huashan hospital.

If they don’t call 911, they think they responsible. They very care about the children.


Now is better than before/The situation has improved from back then. In the past/Back then when  I went to the hospital and I talked to the doctor, some people will walk in. Most people only trust famous doctors. Shanghai has high-quality healthcare/doctors and medical facilities so people/patients from other cities come to see doctors. My friend works in Huashan hospital and the United States stopped all academic exchanges with  Huashan hospital.

If they don’t call 911, they might be held responsible/liable for any problems. They care about children very much.

Writing exercise

Recently I feel a little bit unfortable about my waist,and I’m afaid of going to see doctor,because there are always a lots of people in the hospital.Seeing doctor is a waste time thing,I don’t like it.But now I feel much unfortable, I have to see doctor quickly, the lucky thing is I can make an resevation with doctor on Wechat. wow, it’s so conveniently.


Recently, I feel a little bit uncomfortable on my waist, and I’m afraid of going to see a doctor because there are always lots of/many people at the hospital. Seeing a doctor is a waste of time so I don’t like it. But now, I feel very uncomfortable, I have to see/visit a doctor quickly. The lucky/good thing is that I can make a reservation with the doctor on Wechat. Wow, it’s so convenient.