VIP Class Notes (Li)[S]


fixed: 固定的

read out loud: 朗读

eg. Sometimes reading out loud helps you to improve.

eg. I was too embarrassed to read out loud.

podcast: a radio programme that you can listen on your phone

eg. I spent 1 week listening to podcasts when I had an eye infection.

sentence/s: 句子

humanity: being human 人性

eg. One day humanity will destroy itself.

eg. People with power aren’t going to save humanity.

film(v)/shoot: how you make a video/movie 拍

eg. It takes a lot of time to film a movie.

eg. Shooting a film requires time and patience.

movie reviews: opinion about a film 电影评论

eg. I only read movie reviews after I watch a movie.

scriptwriter: 编剧

eg. He is a famous scriptwriter in the industry.

status: official position in society 地位,身份

eg. There has been an increase in applications for refugee status.

eg. The success of her book has given her unexpected celebrity status.

Thailand – country

Thai movies/books/people

remake: to make a new version of an old film 翻拍

eg. Some famous horror films have several remakes.

eg. After releasing a remake of their most famous album, the band’s sales skyrocketed.


I don’t have the belief – I don’t have a religious belief/I’m not religious 


I like see the talk show’s topic about Trump. American talk show “Trevor”. Trump now he wears the mask. I just like see but I don’t like to read. I maybe have a little to read. Every day I will use this app I will use this app to practice to sentences. I like the way of Japanese to film and about the humity. I find the Korea and Japan, these two countries are good to film some movies about humanity than China. I like the style like Li An. Sometimes I will see a movie maybe have the deeply inside the meaning, the director want to explain. But, if I couldn’t easily understand the meaning I will research reviews on Baidu.


I like to watch talk shows topic about Trump. The American talk show is called “Trevor”. Now Trump wears a mask. I just/only like to see but I don’t like to read. I might read a little. Every day, I will use this app, to practice making/writing sentences. I like how the Japanese film movies about humanity. I find that Korea and Japan these two countries are better at filming/shooting some movies about humanity than China. I like Li An’s shooting techniques. Sometimes I will watch a movie and maybe it has some deep meaning that the director wants to communicate. But, if I can’t easily understand the meaning, I will look for/search for/read reviews on Baidu.