VIP Class Notes (Li)(S)


I am sick – 我感冒了






warm (adj): 温和

eg. Are you a warm person?

eg. Wang is a warm person.

kind-hearted: 心地善良

eg. The old lady is kind-hearted.

elder: 年长


slack off: 偷懒

eg. I like to slack off at work.

eg. She likes to slack off.

smart: 聪明

read: 阅读

eg. I like reading a book.


eg. Will you play with me?

eg. She likes to play with her friends.

helpful: 帮助别人

eg. Amy is a helpful little girl.

chore/s: 杂务

gossip: 八卦

eg. She loves to gossip.

niece: 子女

eg. I have one niece.

nephew: 子子

eg. I have two nephews.

marry: 结婚

eg. I am married.

eg. I will get married tomorrow.

housework:  家务

don’t know: 不知道

eg. My wife doesn’t know how to do housework.

a little bit: 一点点

eg. I know how to do a little bit of housework.


to “be”             simple present tense 

I            am

You      are

He/She/It        is

We                    are

They                 are

regular verbs      simple present tense 

I           like

You     like

He/She/It       likes

We       like

They    like

eg. I am tall/short/fat/thin

eg. I am stupid/smart/lazy

eg. I don’t know how to do housework/chores


My name is Wang. I am from ShanghaiChina. I am 32 years old. I am a warm/kindhearted person. I am helpful. I like reading and playing with my dog. I am married. My wife is very fat. She likes to sleep and she loves to eat. I have one niece. She is called Sherry. Sherry is learning English at SmartEnglish. She is 10 years old. She likes to play with her phone. She loves to gossip.


shut – ship – shot – shade – shape – sheep