VIP Class Notes (Li)[S]


Shirt – for guys

Blouse – for girls

Socks – the clothing you wear to cover your feet and is worn beneath your shoes

Gloves – the type of clothing you wear to cover your hands in winter

Trainers/Sports shoes – running shoes

Belt – the type of accessory you wear on your waist

Uniform – the type of outfit that you wear to school

Unisex – not specific to guys or girls only

eg. unisex clothes

Denim – the type of material that jeans are made from

eg. denim dress/denim jacket/shirt etc.

Hoodie/sweatshirt – a type of clothing that has a layer that you can put your head in


Knitted hat                    Cap

Woollen hat

My shirt has a collar/pocket/button

I wear it on my upper body

I wear it on my lower body

I wear it underneath my t-shirt/shorts/jacket

It has long sleeves/short sleeves/no sleeves

eg.            jacket / t-shirt/dress