VIP Class Notes (Li)[S]


Write an email to your client to recommend an expert to them.


appeal – to interest or attract someone

ex. It’s a programme designed to appeal mainly to 16 to 25-year-olds.

to be driven by money/power/sbd is money/power-driven 

cold-call – to call a possible customer to try and sell something

ex. Most people hate getting cold-calls.

ex. Some jobs require you to cold-call for several hours a day.

1st/2nd/3rd tier cities – first/second/third tier

foreign – not familiar

ex. He finds it difficult to accept foreign ideas.

ex. They don’t have a clue about what you’re proposing because it’s foreign to them.

sometimes the expert/client will stand up on the other – to not show up

The client stood up on the expert this morning – usually used in the past tense

time- consuming – takes time

communicate/interact more

communication – noun

Speaking exercise

It also takes times to find experts.

It also takes time/it’s also time-consuming to find experts.

We will offer 20-30 profiles but not all experts are willing to do the consultation.

We will offer 20-30 profiles but not all experts are willing to provide a consultation.

Most of them are negative to it.

Most of them react negatively/have a negative reaction towards it.  

They want to have more communication with PE.

They want to communicate more/establish more connections with PEs. 

They never touch this area.

If they are unfamiliar/foreign with this/never come across this area.

We have to approach them for this kind of product for selling performance.

We have to approach them for these kinds of products to get their sales performance.

We will normally control it.

We would normally control it.

Some clients are very strict.

Some clients are very strict/tough/very demanding/have high expectations.  

At the beginning, you will feel negative emotions and you feel unhappy.

In the beginning, you would experience/go through negative emotions and you would often feel unhappy/upset