VIP Class Notes (Li)[S]


Korea – country

Korean – people/culture/language

there is a big gap in experience

in the short-term/short-run/short period of time  

it was a failure/bad case

I should communicate in English

the people leaving/leavers 

actually, you reminded me…

What is your favourite restaurant?

When expressing your concerns/giving negative feedback: 

-start off with some positive opinion

-ex. I think it’s a good idea/this initiative/approach is great, but…

-ex. I think this would be beneficial to us because a,b,c,d,e…. However, I think we could also consider this method/plan…

Speaking exercise

The leader is need back in Korean. She is Koreanese and she back to country at the moment.

The leader needs to go back to Korea. She is Korean and she will go back to the country soon. 

But, I have the language issue so I can’t speak Japanese or Korean.

But, I have the language problem/a language barrier so I can’t speak Japanese and Korean.

We have the team who is Korean but it’s quite junior.

We have a Korean team but they are quite junior/inexperienced. 

They will promotion them.

They don’t plan to promote them.

They found the candidate from the outside market.

They found the candidate from the external market/pool/outer pool  

Her team is quite young.

At the moment all the leader is start from the business.

At the moment all the leaders worked their way up the ranks/started from scratch.  

Before, their behaviour is very rely on the lady.

Before, their performance is influenced by the lady. 

I just short-term to help them.

I will only help them in the short-run/for a short period of time.

He age is old. Even because of this she was crying a lot.

She is older than most. Despite this, she was crying a lot.


Korea – ka-ree-ya

Korean – ka-ree-yan