VIP Class Notes (Li)[S]


Who do you like to spend time with? What activities do you like to do with them? Do you prefer to spend more time with family or friends?


laid-back – relaxed in character

ex. I don’t think she’s ever worried about anything – she’s so laidback.

ex. The lifestyle in CD is very laid-back.

first tier/second-tier/third-tier cities/brands

allergy – a condition that you have when you eat, touch or get bitten by something and you feel sick

ex. I took some allergy pills immediately.

ex. He is allergic to seafood.

Their entire lives are spent on/are dedicated to raising kids

dedicate – to put all your energy, time to doing sth

ex. He dedicated his life to finding a cure for cancer.

ex. The film is dedicated to her parents.

rebellious – to describe sbd who refuses to behave in a way that is expected

ex. My friend’s daughter refuses to listen because she is very rebellious.

ex. His teachers described him as a rebellious, troublemaker.

after school, you have to pick up your children – to collect

drop off your kids – to leave them somewhere



see – what you can see with your eyes

ex. I can see many people standing outside the cafe.

watch – videos, movies (moving pictures)

ex. I am watching a movie with my parents.

Speaking exercise

It’s very familiar with XTD. There are a lot of one tier brand.

She worked to BJ.

West city in China…

This national holiday have 8 days and they apply 2 more days so they can have 12 days holiday.

One guy visited DH in National holiday and he shout “I want to go home”

I saw a movie and have a sleep then I arrive in CD.

It was a very longing for my childhood.


It’s very similar to XTD. There are many first-tier/top-tier brands.

She works in BJ/She went to BJ for work. 

Western cities in China…

This national holiday, we have 8 days off and they applied for 2 more days so they can have 12 days holiday.

One guy visited DH on the/during the National holiday and he shouted “I want to go home”

I watched a movie and took a nap and then I arrived in CD.

It was a big longing that I had during my childhood.


pepper = peh-par