VIP Class Notes (Li)[S]

Next Class Focus

Grammar: to be + singular/plural


limit the number of people/limit the seats sold

tape(n/v): to stick two things with a piece of plastic

eg. The man taped her mouth to keep to her quiet.

eg. Seats in the cinema have been taped to prevent people from sitting on them.

indie: not mainstream

eg. indie films, music

literary film – 文艺片

Shanghai International Expo

exhibit: to show something public

eg. We have exhibited many of his works at our gallery in recent years.

eg. In the summer the academy will exhibit several prints that are rarely seen.

rare: very uncommon

eg. That is a rare and valuable painting.

eg. It’s rare for him to arrive here on time.


contemporary art – modern art

scraps: unwanted pieces of metal

eg. There is a giant cube made of scraps next to the contemporary art museum.

feature: the function/main important part of something (town/product/exhibition etc.)

eg. Our latest model of phone has several new features.

eg. Barcelona’s main features are Gaudi’s architectural buildings.

capacity: number of people/things that can be present at once

eg. The lift can carry a maximum capacity of 10 people.

eg. Currently, cinemas have a 30% max capacity.


to be – stick to the singular/plural

I am/he/she/is 

you are/we are/they are 

this/these – singular/plural

that/those -singular/plural


Recently, there is SH International Film Festival and every year the movies are old. I only watched one or two movies. Some old movies, there are only a few people to go watch. They limit the audience and a part of the seats is used by tape. There are many movies which is not popular in the movie festival every year. This movie are from some small countries.

Guide the way and give the maps or some materials to the visitors. It was very hot, but that time I enjoyed because I felt fresh and very excited. Most of my classmates were joined it. There were lots of volunteers and they are from every university in SH. We almost walk every museum. Each part is from different countries and Denmark museum and Indian museum have things from their culture.

There quite rare exhibits painting.


Recently, the SH International Film Festival is running/back again. Every year, they would show/play old movies. I only watched one to two movies. Since they only have old movies, only a few people went to watch. They limit the audience/limit the capacity and some seats were taped. There are many movies which are not popular but are featured in the movie festival every year. These movies are from some small countries.

I was the tour guide/lead the way and handed out maps and some materials to the visitors. It was very hot, but at the time I enjoyed it because it was a new experience so I was very excited. Most of my classmates also volunteered. There were lots of volunteers and they come from all universities in SH. We almost walked by every exhibit/booth. Each exhibit is from a different country and the Denmark and Indian exhibit displayed/showed things from their culture.

Exhibitions featuring old/classic Chinese paintings are quite rare.