VIP Class Notes (Li)[R/S]


Draw a map of the area near your house. What does it have? Write a few sentences to tell me about your map. What places do you like to go to?

Today we focused on:

Places around town – directions

Singular, plural



eg. I want to go to the bookstore today.

eg. She wants to have a cake for lunch.

movie theatre/cinema: 戏院

eg. I went to the cinema to watch a movie yesterday.

laundromat: 洗衣店

drug store/pharmacy: 药房

clothing store: 服饰店

airport: 机场

center: 中间

eg. What is at the center of the shopping mall?

city/town center:市中心

between: 在…之间

eg. The drug store is between the hospital and the library.

across from: 对面

eg. My house is across from the subway station.

Where is the bank?

A: It’s next to the school.

Where is the post office?

B: It’s across from the park.

Where’s the restaurant?

C: It’s between the bank and the library.


Me =I want you to help me.

You = I need to talk to you.

Us =They are playing without us.

Him= Our teacher likes him because he is smart.

She = She is my friend and her eyes are big.

no “s” is singular, so use “is”

1 eye, 2 or more eyes ( with S = plural, so use “are”)

1 ear, 2 or more ears

1 car, 2 or more cars

There is (there’s ) a bank on Main street. (singular)

There are two shopping malls on Central Avenue. (plural)


Everybody in Brewster is talking about the city’s new shopping mall. The mall is outside the city, next to the Brewster airport. There are more than one hundred stores in the mall. There are two big department stores. There are many clothing stores for men, women and children. There’s a book store, and there’s a video store. There are two drug stores, and there are four restaurants. There’s even a large movie theatre.