VIP Class Notes (Li)[R]


syrup: 糖浆

run-up: the final period before an event

eg. Everyone at the store is busy preparing for the run-up before the Christmas period.

a spoon of sugar/salt: 一汤匙

eg. Add a spoon of sugar to sweeten the tea.

spokesperson: a person who represents the company 发言人

eg. She is a spokesperson of that airlines.

obesity: very very fat

eg. Obesity is a problem in a lot of countries.

eg. Children are likely to struggle with obesity nowadays.

diabetes: 糖尿病

eg. Eating too much sugar can lead to diabetes.

chain: 连锁店

eg. There are many chains like Starbucks and KFC on the street.

beverages: drinks

eg. They only sell alcoholic beverages in this store.

hospitality: food, drink, entertainment, etc. that an organization provides for guests or business partners餐饮业

eg. They provided great hospitality when the guests arrived at the event.

consume: eat or drink, especially a lot of something

eg. He consumes huge amounts of bread with every meal.

decay: 腐蚀

eg. Sugar makes your teeth decay.

eg. I don’t like the smell of decaying meat.


very like – I like it a lot/I love it  

I needn’t to buy coffee – I don’t need to buy coffee


obesity – oh-bee-city

diabetes – diya-bee-tees


A health group warned people to be careful about the sugar in drinks in coffee shops. Many cafes in the UK are adding extra sugar and syrup to drinks in the run-up to Christmas. The health group, Action on Sugar (AOS), carried out research on sugar in hot drinks in coffee chains around the country. It found that some drinks had as much as 23 spoons of sugar. It checked over 200 different drinks. AOS said it found “shockingly” high levels of sugar in many drinks. An AOS spokesperson said people with obesity, diabetes and other health problems should check what they are drinking.

Action On Sugar went to nine different coffee shop chains. It said the unhealthiest drink was the Starbucks “Venti” caramel hot chocolate. It contained 93.7g of sugar and 758 calories. It has as much sugar as three cans of Coca-Cola. Starbucks said: “We are committed to reducing sugar in all our beverages.” It has cut sugar content by 9 per cent since 2015. AOS said: “The hospitality industry has a key role to play in being transparent. It must help to reduce the amount of sugar we consume. Sugar is one of the biggest causes of obesity, type 2 diabetes and tooth decay.”