VIP Class Notes (Li)[R]

Today we focused on:

IELTS Reading Practice

1)Try to make sense of the reading just from what you know – avoid spending time trying to figure out every word

2)Cut out all adjectives to make the sentences easier for you to understand

3)Write down/Underline keywords which you think will be useful

4) Read the sentences carefully – don’t just skip over simple words (when answering questions)


“It was the 8th wonder of the world” – it’s true because it was 

“It was believed by many people to be…” – it’s false because it’s what people think 

“statues of the tunnel could be bought as souvenirs” – it’s false, look for the adj does it specify anything?

turn a profit – make money

eg. This project is expected to turn a profit for the company.

pedestrian walkway – path for people to walk

London underground – metro/subway

long-standing – having existed for a long time

eg. They have a long-standing agreement to not fight with each other.

eg. The question of how pyramids were built is long-standing.

lack of sth (technology, money, resources etc.) – not having any of sth

quarry – large hole to dig stone, sand etc. for buildings

hew/hewn – to cut pieces of stone, rocks, sand from another material

eg. Pyramids were hewn from quarries.

eg. The materials were hewn out of the side of a mountain.

construction – building

feat – something difficult needing a lot of skill, strength etc. to achieve it

eg. The construction of this building is a remarkable feat.

eg. To build a pyramid of this size is an incredible feat of the Egyptians.

Speaking exercise

What are others learn English for?

I don’t know what I can do for my English.

Everyone around me, they ask me why I want to learn English.

I don’t use it for work or to earn money.


What do others learn English for?/What is the purpose of others learning English? 

I don’t know what I can do with my English.

Everyone around me asked me why I want to learn English.

I don’t use it in my job or to earn money.