VIP Class Notes (Li)[R]


Make 10 sentences using the past tense.


forget -> forgot – 忘了

briefcase: 公文包

backpack: 双肩包

thief: 小偷

steal ->stole – 偷了

angry: 生气

eg. He was very angry at me for being late.

usually: 通常地, 经常地

eg. Victor usually gets up at 6 AM.

eg. I don’t usually play games.

exercise: 运动

eg. She exercises 3 days a week.

eg. I hate doing exercises.


Victor usually gets up at 7 AM. He does his morning exercises for twenty minutess, he takes a long shower, he has a big breakfast. and he leaves for work at 8:00 AM. He usually drives his car to work and gets there at 8:30.

This morning, however, he didn’t get up at 7AM. He got up at 6:30. He didn’t do his morning exercise for twenty minutes. He did them for only five minutes. He didn’t take a long shower. He took a very quick shower. He didn’t have a big breakfast. He had a very small breakfast. He didn’t leave for work at 8:00. He left for work at 7:00.


I brushed my teeth and washed my face yesterday morning.

I had afternoon tea yesterday afternoon.

I watched TV last night.

A: I’m sorry I’m late, I had a headache this morning.

B: I see.