VIP Class Notes (Li)[R]


merchandise: goods that are sold

to support/to be against


foment: to cause or try to cause the growth or development of something bad or harmful 

eg. He was accused of fomenting violence.

advocate: to support or argue for something

eg. They advocate abolishing the income tax.


In a series of tweets on Friday, Trump urged “liberating” Virginia, Minnesota, and Michigan, three political swing states that now have Democratic governors, throwing his support behind protesters opposing restrictive measures there imposed to slow the spread of the COVID-19.

A group calling itself “Liberate Minnesota” staged a protest Friday afternoon outside the residence of the state’s governor, Tim Walz.

Live-streamed video of the event showed many people were packed closely outside the residence, waving pro-Trump signs and flags. Few participants appeared to be wearing masks or other protective gear.

Similar protests, with some attendees armed, took place in Virginia, Michigan, and other states this week.

US Senator Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat, tweeted as well on Friday, accusing Trump of “encouraging citizens to engage in armed rebellion.”

Washington Governor Jay Inslee, a former Democratic presidential contender, tweeted on Friday that he thinks Trump’s remarks “encourage illegal and dangerous acts.”