VIP Class Notes (Li)[R]


architecture: the style in which buildings are made 建筑风格

eg. The town’s modern architecture is very well integrated with the old.

coastal: 沿海的

eg. I prefer going to coastal cities for holiday.

condition: the particular state that something or someone is in 状况;状态

eg. He’s in a bad condition today so don’t let him drive home.

remedies: 疗法

eg. What kind of remedies can you recommend for someone who has a cold?

unwind: relax

eg. Going to a quiet environment helps me unwind.

reconnecting: coming in contact with something again

eg. She has been reconnecting with her old friends.

therapy: 治疗,疗法

eg. The massage therapy has helped me to feel much better after exercising for the past week.

soothing effect: 缓解效果

exposure: 接触

well-being: your overall health

body of evidence:大量证据


I came from… – I come from.

influence the building, food and the dress – influence the architecture, food and fashion 

convinces – convenient 

gratitude – graduate 

feel pressure during this time – feel stressed during this time

no time to do more exercises – I do not have time to exercise/work out  

to have a travel – to travel 

born from Tokyo –  founded in Tokyo


remedies – reh-mah-dees

unwind – un-wined

experts – ex-berts

bathing – bay-thing

therapy – there -rapy

soothing – sue -thing

natural – nah-choo-ral (strong r)


How do you relax after a stressful day in the office? There are many remedies to help you unwind, but the best solution, according to some experts, lies in the great outdoors. It takes a little effort to get there but the benefits can be a perfect tonic for our stressed out lives. I am talking about the activity of forest bathing.

The Japanese concept of shinrin-yoku – or forest bathing – originates from the 1980s, when it was introduced as a national health programme by the country’s government. Stressed Japanese workers are today still relaxing and reconnecting with nature. The Forest Therapy Society has certified 62 forest therapy sites in the country and the forest bathing movement is also gathering momentum in other parts of the world. It says: “Just as bathing in a hot spring helps to soak your cares away, going for a walk in the woods is said to have a soothing effect.”