VIP Class Notes (Lily)[R]


1.patient (noun)= 患者
ex: the doctor has many patients.

2. patient (adj)= 有耐心的
ex: Mary is not patient, she can’t wait for too long.

3. impatient (adj)= 没有耐心的
ex: I am very impatient when I’m hungry.
ex: I am very impatient when I talk to my dad.
ex: I am very impatient when I line up in Disneyland.

4. principal = 校长
ex: My principal is Mr. Lv.
ex: In Canada, if you are a bad student, you will need to go to the principal’s office.

5. accomplish= 完成 实现
ex: I want to be a rich woman, but it’s hard to accomplish.
ex: I want to learn math easily, but it is difficult to accomplish. 

6. basic= 基本
basically= 基本来说
ex: if you want to learn English, you basically have to find a good teacher.
ex: In America, we basically speak English all the time.

7. massive= big big big big
ex: I used to have a massive bedroom.
ex: I want my own massive Disneyland.


My name is Billy Henderson. I live at 723 Main Street in Toronto, Ontario with my family. My dad is a doctor and his patients call him Dr. Henderson. My mom is a principal and she’s called Principal Henderson. Tomorrow we are leaving for vacation. We are going to London, England to visit Aunt Rita. She is my dad’s sister and she lives near the River Thames. We are going to visit many attractions including Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, The British Museum, Hyde Park, Westminster Abbey, and the London Zoo. Our glitz is booked with British Airways and we will land at Heathrow Airport. While we are away, our neighbor, Mrs Watson, will look after our dog, Scamp.