VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S/R/W]


1.washing machine= 洗衣机
ex: do you have a washing machine at home?
ex: I don’t use the washing machine because my mother washes my clothes.

2. movie theater = cinema
ex: I go to the movie theater to watch a movie.
ex: I went the movie theater two years ago.

3. department store = 百货商店
ex: do you like to go to the department store and buy clothes?
ex: The department store is very small, so I never go there.

4. upset (adj)= mad生气😠
ex: I am upset when I can’t find my phone.
ex: I can’t watch TV so I’m upset.


Everybody in Brewster is talking about the city’s new shopping mall. The mall is outside the city, next to the Brewster airport. There are more than one hundred stores in the mall. There are two big department stores. There are many clothing stores for men, women and children. There’s a book store and there’s a video store. There are two drug stores and there are four restaurants. There’s even a large movie theatre. Almost all the people in Brewster are happy that their city’s new shopping mall is now open. But some people aren’t happy. The owners of the small stores in the old center of town are very upset. They’re upset because many people aren’t shopping in the stores in the center of town, they’re shopping at the new mall.


How many windows are there in the bedroom? There’s one window in the bedroom. There are two windows in the bedroom.


There are a dog and a boy in a first flour. Second flour doesn’t have any people. Third flour there is a girl and a dog. There is a hold next here. There is a bad room in the second flour.


There are a dog and a boy on a first floor. There are nobody on the second floor. Third flour there are a girl and a dog on the third floor. There is a basement in the building. There is a bedroom on the second floor.