VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S/R]


Write 2 emails (1 formal / 1 informal)
Situation: The client wants the creative ideas by Friday but it is impossible so you can only send them by Tuesday. Send an email to the client.

Next Class Focus

please correct the speaking session below, thanks!


1. w/c= week commencing
ex: Would John be averrable w/c Nov 18?

2. tbh= to be honest
ex: tbh, we would really appreciate it if you could allocate the creative resource for us by the end of this week.

3. ETA= estimated time of arrival
ex: do you know the ETA? i need to plan the project asap.

4. ETD= estimated time of departure
ex: I’m writing to inform you that ETD of XXX will be delayed till Nov 15th, sorry for the inconvenience.

5. CC= conference call
ex: We will have a CC in 10 mins, please be ready and head to the conference room 101.

6. groom= wash and get a hair cut (pet)
ex: how often do you groom your dog? About every 2 weeks.
ex: Lala doesn’t like to be groomed.

7. bark= wof wof wof
ex: when Lala is nervous, she will bark at other dogs.

8. cannot help XXself= cannot control one’s self
ex: “Lily you shouldn’t eat ice-cream at night” ” I couldn’t help myself”.
ex: I couldn’t help myself from falling back asleep.

9. ttul= talk to you later
ex: I have a CC right now, ttul


As per our conversation, we will book the meeting room and provide refreshments for our meeting on Monday.

As per our conversation, we hope to send you the draft document for your approval later today.

As per our conversation, I would appreciate it if you could confirm by email that you have cancelled our flights and refunded us the difference.


Last Saturday, I went to hospital because I have booking a health check for my dog. My dog is a bichon, she’s 7 years old so she has a bad temper. She usually been angry at night about turn to 12 o’clock. I guess she wants the environment to be very quiet so any sound will trigger her. She doesn’t like grooming, she likes eat everything. When I walk her, I should be very careful, she will catch any chance to eat something she could eat, even the shits. She doesn’t like other dogs, she will bark at them. She likes people, every people, especially beautiful people. If you walk inside her sight, then she will be very happy and wiggle her tail.