VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S/R]


do the writing homework about the Martinez family.


1.hang out= 大人的玩 溜达溜达
ex: let’s hang out today, it’s a good day.

2. fix= 修理🔧
ex: I like to fix my sink.
ex: Can you fix my sink?

3. paint = 油漆 画画 (拿刷子做)
ex: I want to paint my room.
ex: I want to paint a dog.

4. wash= 洗
ex: I want to wash my car.
ex: can you wash my dog?
ex: do you wash your windows?


Mr Molina is in the park, he’s listening to the radio. Ms Roberts is in the park, she’s reading the newspaper. John and Julie Carter are in the park, they are playing basketball. Danny Williams is in the park, he’s fixing his bike. Patty Williams is in the park, she’s washing her car. Jenny Chang is in the library, she’s reading a book. Mr. and Mrs Sharp are in the laundromat, they are washing their clothes. Bob Davis is in the restaurant, he’s cooking dinner. Mr. and Mrs Lopez are in the restaurant, they are eating their dinner. Charlie Harris is in the health club, he’s doing exercise. I am in the restaurant, I am eating my lunch.


Hi what are you doing? I’m fixing my sink. What’s Bob doing? He’s fixing his car. What’s Mary doing? She’s cleaning her room. What are you doing? We are cleaning our apartment. What are you children doing? They’re doing their homework.