VIP Class Notes (Lily) [S/R]


1.vacation= 假期
on a vacation=度假
ex: I want to go on a vacation on a small island. 婚礼💒
ex: I went to my cousin’s wedding, we had a lot of food.

3. special (adj)= 特别的
ex: Today is a special day because it’s Mid-Autumn Festival.

4. wonderful (adj)= 美妙的
ex: you are a wonderful student, you learn so fast!

5. wife (noun)= 妻子 老婆
ex: My dad’s wife is my mom.
ex: it’s hard to be a good wife, you need to cook and clean.

6. in front of= 前面
ex: Hank is sitting in front of Lily.
ex: The two lions are in front of Hank.

7. sentimental (adj)= 感人的
ex: This movie is very sentimental, so Hank cried.

8. popular (adj) =出名的 很火的
ex: This music is very popular. 

9. laugh (verb)= 大笑
ex: he said something funny, I laughed. hahahahaha


you are on a vacation and the weather is horrible. call a friend in your class.

Hi Lily, this is Hank, I’m calling from Iran. The weather is very good but it’s too hot. The restaurant is very cheap and the food is very good, my hotel is very big but it’s very ugly and small. Other hotels are very small and beautiful.


Arthur is very angry. It’s late at night. Arthur is sitting on his bed, and he’s looking at his clock. His neighbors are making a lot of noise, and Arthur is very angry. The people in Apartment 2 are dancing. Then man in Apartment 3 is vacuuming his rug. The woman in apartment 4 is playing the drums. The teenagers in Apartment 5 are listening to loud music. The dog in Apartment 6 is barking. And the people in Apartment 7 are having a big argument. It’s very late and Arthur is tired and angry. What terrible night.